The Tegometall range of products is continuously adapted to suit current market demands and our customers' needs and requirements.

Powered Shelving Systems.

You can explore a wide range of new opportunities simply by adding power to your shelves.

Powered shelving systems not only allow you to shine the spotlight perfectly on your products, thanks to LED lighting below each shelf, but also enable you to connect any device that can be operated with 24 volts. Tablets, electronic price labels and monitors are just a few of the opportunities that you can introduce to your display thanks to TegoConnect. Your existing shelves can be easily retrofitted to use this technology and the fact that the power rails are integrated into the uprights eliminates the need for visible cables.

In terms of operation, TegoConnect is the easiest powered solution to meet your needs.

Its adapter is permanently integrated into the bracket, thus enabling you to easily install and reposition shelves at different levels without having to change your display system.

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Permanently integrated adapter


The adapter is permanently integrated into the bracket meaning shelves can be installed at any level without requiring you to attach an extra plug.