The Tegometall range of products is continuously adapted to suit current market demands and our customers' needs and requirements.

Easy assembly. Strong performance.

The new TEGOUnique embodies all of the key values of a medium-sized heavy-duty storage system, whilst also boasting the attractive appearance of a lightweight shelving unit. It stands out due to its ease of assembly and flexible design options that can be adapted to perfectly suit your needs and requirements.

The different heights and lengths available, as well as three different depths to choose from, enable you to create your own individual shelving display. The system is based on a design that allows it to be easily extended, thus enabling you to use every single millimetre of the space available. Our high-performance TEGOUnique system also offers you plenty of scope for creativity when it comes to its appearance: the stands are available in multiple colours and finishes and we can also adapt the shelf elements to make your creative ideas a reality.

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Beam ledge

The beam ledge supports the sides of the shelf elements and means they need no additional fastenings.We recommend the use of depth connectors for beam lengths of 2000 mm or more

Lock pin

The lock pin is used to fix the beam in place, thus preventing it from being accidentally unclipped.

Stand profile

The stand profile CG 55x40, includes a foot plate, can be screwed into the floor for extra stability.