The Tegometall range of products is continuously adapted to suit current market demands and our customers' needs and requirements.

Clear lines with a smart design.

Our shelving system is sophisticated, subtle and always highlights the most important element: your products.
Design aspects are factored into all of our shelving elements. We also, always focus on providing the high TEGO quality that our customers know and love.
On top of this, the fact that our base shelves perfectly line up with the cross connector, without any gaps, enables us to offer optimal hygienic conditions.

Unlimited design opportunities
Be it with wire or sheet metal shelves, you can perfectly adapt our shelving systems to suit your shop or storage environment, as well as making the most of matching front edge designs! We can also, of course, supply you with wooden or glass shelves to suit your needs.
On top of this, you can even select a back panel to complement your corporate design or even completely do away with the back panel thanks to the full stability guaranteed by the cross connector.
With a wide variety of colours and finishes, our shelving systems are the perfect companions for your innovative store design.

A larger sales area
The middle back panel enables you to make optimal use of the space available, while the low baseleg height and shelf heights that can be adjusted in 25 mm increments, allow perfect product facing.

Easy installation
The innovative click functions of the stopper tube and the shelves provide both speed and precision.
Another excellent feature is the fact that you can effortlessly readjust the baselegs without even having to clear the shelves.

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Conveniently readjust the baselegs even when shelves are full

Optimal use of the space

The middle back panel enables you to make optimal use of the space available


Perfectly flush: all shelves precisely aligned

No gaps

No visible gaps, meaning that your product is always at the forefront