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Modern machines can do a growing number of ever more complex jobs. However, even in the future, human beings alone will be able to fully harness the opportunities offered by advanced technologies. Only optimally trained experts will be able to rapidly and purposefully address changing relationships and requirements. That’s why we assist our employees, train our next generation of recruits and prepare our staff for upcoming challenges, as this allows us to provide them, ourselves and our customers with the best possible prospects for the future.

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Assuming responsibility, supporting teamwork, developing customer awareness, allowing for further development, developing personality, bringing strengths to the table, showing interest, accepting challenges, putting forward ideas, strengthening character, seeing prospects, shaping the future, optimising processes, accepting new ideas, imparting knowledge, discovering skills, applying what has been learned, making contacts, breaking down barriers, finding tasks, stimulating progress, being responsible for implementation, performing services, showing commitment, discovering possibilities, developing talent.

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We have locations in Krauchenwies (DE), Sauldorf (DE), Lengwil (CH), Forbach (FR), Pniewy (PL), Šentjur (SLO), Nottighamshire (UK).

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Today around 700 employees from 50 nations work for the tegometall group globally.

Part of a larger whole.

Part of a larger whole.

Our employees are an important part of our value chain at every point of their employment and are regarded and treated accordingly as valuable parts of a whole. Whatever the circumstances, we encourage dedication and commitment and are open to any ideas and suggestions as to how we can improve our processes.

In keeping with our family tradition, we have a corporate culture and working environment that we are proud to embody and pass on to every single Tegometall employee.
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