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Tegometall provides more than just shelving. We place great value on comprehensive customer service, top-quality advice and reliable project support from planning to assembly and beyond. You benefit from our many decades of know-how and an extensive range of services for added peace of mind.

Our All-inclusive Package


By law, every shelf or rack that is mounted on business premises must be inspected. As a full service provider, our service range includes certified, professional rack inspection in accordance with DIN EN 15635. To make life easier and less complicated for our customers, we can carry out both the assembly and the rack inspection.

Sales success starts with planning

3D/2D room planning

Are you planning a new concept, shop or store design? Do you lack the time and resources to realise your project in the near term? With our comprehensive range of services that includes professional 3D/2D visualisations, design concepts, plans and stock lists, we are a one-stop shop for everything you need.

  • Save time and resources and minimise stock risks
  • Stock list controlling
  • Wide range of applications across myriad industries

Exacting quality standards right up to fitting

Thanks to our precision and our demanding quality standards, we can guarantee to make your ideas a reality so that your shop or warehouse concept is just as you imagined it. We boast many years of experience working with our materials, as well as our unparalleled quality and functionality. Professional fitting is the only way to ensure that your project will ultimately be a success.

  • Safety
  • Prevent problems
  • Flawless display space

Your partner for rack testing and inspection

No goods display can be considered perfect if it is not also safe. As such, every shelving or racking system needs to be checked regularly. In this case, workplace safety regulations will dictate the requirements and intervals. Professional inspections and rack checks carried out by our certified inspectors allow you to ensure the safety of your racks.

Our training enables fitting teams and professionals to gain the necessary expertise and workplace safety experience for heavy-duty racking. These are certified professional skills that will benefit everybody!

Did you know that according to dguv regulation 108-007, heavy-duty racks can only be assembled and moved by appropriately trained individuals?

From a-z with our tegometall specialists

We offer specialist trainings to allow you to dive into the extensive world of Tegometall retail shelving and storage rack technology. Our experts will teach you how to get the very best out of our high-quality shelving and racking systems, whether you are involved in their use, planning, fitting or purchasing.

Get to grips with the technical basics, our product range and the practical handling of our systems.