50 years experience in shop fitting

Our company. In a nutshell.

The Tegometall Group, is a family company based in the Swiss town of Lengwil, that has successfully established itself on a global level in the fields of shop fittings and storage equipment. We develop and manufacture high-quality shelving systems and offer a range of services extending from development activities, right through to the final inspection of shelving at our customers' premises. The factories used by the Tegometall Group boast state-of-the-art production facilities: We are therefore able to meet the demand for strong cutting-edge technology that goes hand in hand with the continuous development of our products and our combination of both large-scale production and single-unit production according to our customers' individual specifications. When doing so, we also take environmental aspects into consideration.


Unbeatable cost-effectiveness.
Every industry.
All requirements.

From steel. To shelving.

Highly specialised factories.
Automatic processing.
Central logistics.

From a vision. To a reality.

Focusing on the POS.
A wide range of products.
Unmistakable benefits.

A special situation. An individual solution.

Flexible processes.
High-performance production.
Special requests and prototypes.



Dr. Arndt Lüdtke
Ulrich Bohnacker
Jakob Bohnacker

Comprehensive management expertise

Tegometall is a traditional family company that is making its way towards a successful future thanks to the active, comprehensive and sustainable management activities of its second and third generations. The company reorganised and expanded its management team in 2016. By bring external managers into the mix, it provided its organisational activities with additional management expertise, a great deal of experience in the establishment and management of international structures and decades of knowledge with regard to shop fitting and production management.



Ahead of the rest

Our close cooperation and intensive communication with all parties involved, means that we are not only well aware of the specific requirements of a wide variety of different sectors and industries, we even define them! We transform ideas into concrete innovations that we then efficiently integrate into our products and services while always keeping a close eye on the relevant targets, deadlines and costs. As a result, we can confidently state that we have been ahead of the rest for many decades. We are, of course, also still constantly striving to introduce new products, innovations and expansions to our range of shelving systems for shops and storage areas. In fact, only one aspect of our day-to-day business remains unchanged: our committed focus on top Tegometall quality and flexible functionality.


Maximum reductions

Here at Tegometall, we not only consider the consistent modernisation of our production facilities to be a way of improving our efficiency and quality, but also an investment in protecting the environment. Innovative technologies use fewer tools and resources, as well as requiring less water, electricity and material. Our innovative logistics solutions and infrastructures enable us to minimise distances and the number of journeys required both within individual factories and between our different locations. We also work to reduce both noise and pollutant emissions by consistently using rail transport for the delivery of our steel coils.

Focusing on the present and the future

We believe that there is more to the concept of sustainability than just environmental aspects, which is why Tegometall also makes use of future-oriented concepts. We do so by integrating both ecological and economical aspects into the development and implementation of concepts for sustainable solutions.

We work together to use state-of-the-art technology to create successful shops on a long-term basis.

Our guiding principle

From a piece of steel. To a solid shelving system.

Central logistics

Our factories are home to punching systems, fully automated tubular profiling equipment and wire processing machines that ensure the maximum vertical integration and flexibility of our production processes. Our production facilities also feature powder coating machines, DecoCoat systems and electroplating plants. Our manufactured products are then transported from our specialised factories to our logistics centres. Products at our factory in Krauchenwies, for example, are prepared for dispatch and stored in a warehouse that holds 2500 pallets and is equipped to guarantee quick response times. Every day, around 100 tons of material leave this Tegometall location. With our efficiency, flexibility, precision and reliability in planning and production, we provide our customers with shops and storage areas that do them proud.

Automatic processing

After arriving at our plants, the coils of steel band, which can reach a weight of up to 28 tons, are processed to produce our Tegometall elements in mostly fully automated procedures. Our coil-split¬ting plant, for example cuts some of the steel band down to the required width. Our production lines use industrial punching, bending, pressing and weld¬ing to transform the sheet metal into shelves, back panels, uprights or other products for shops and storage areas and ensure that these parts provide the required functions, for example for price dis-plays or receiving goods.

Highly specialised factories

An innovative, modern, flexible and powerful ap-proach has formed the basis of Tegometall’s invest-ments in future-oriented and sustainable infra-structures, machinery and technology right from the start. We rely on solutions by leading manufactur¬ers and our own developments. The majority of our procedures take place in our own production facil-ities at our various locations. This enables us to ef-ficiently tackle customer enquiries in terms of time and money, to minimise our dependence on external factors and to always guarantee top quality.


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