With a global presence. And local roots.

Service Center ES Service Center IT Service Center MK Service Center GR Service Center SRB Service Center SLO Factory in Sentjur (SLO, production, sales) Service Center AT Factory in Pniewy (PL, production) Service Center DE Service Center B Factory in Forbach (F, logistics, sales) Factory in Sauldorf (DE, storage technology, coil splitting) Factory in Krauchenwies (DE, shop fittings, logistics centre) Headquarters in Lengwil (CH, central management, sales) Company seat in Constance (DE) Factory in Lengwil (CH, production) Service Center NL Service Center N Factory in Grantham (UK, logistics, sales) Service Center EST Service Center LV Service Center RO

Headquarters in Lengwil, Switzerland
(central management, sales, production)

Industriestrasse 7 | CH-8574 Lengwil

Company seat in Constance, Germany

Turmstrasse 4 | D-78467 Konstanz

Factory in Krauchenwies, Germany 
(shop fittings, logistics centre)

company seat: Turmstrasse 4 | D-78467 Konstanz
factory:  Robert-Bosch-Strasse 1 | D-72506 Krauchenwies

Factory in Sentjur, Slovenia
(production, sales)

Cesta Kozjanskega odreda 29 | SI – 3230 Šentjur

Factory in Grantham, United Kingdom
(logistics, sales)

Tegometall House /10 Meadowbank Way
Eastwood / Nottinghamshire / NG16 3SB


Factory in Sauldorf, Germany
(storage technology, coil splitting)
company seat: Turmstrasse 4 | D-78467 Konstanz
factory: Auenbachstrasse 9 | D-88605 Sauldorf

Factory in Forbach, France
(logistics, sales)

1 rue Jules Verne | Fr-57600 Forbach

Factory in Polska
(production, sales)
ul. Konińska 26 | PL 62-045 Pniewy