Perfectly fitting and reliable: modular shelving system with the highest possible load capacity of 460 kg facilitates optimal usage of the available shop floor.

Short and sustainable supply chains thanks to European production

Preliminary report on EuroShop 2023 from 26 February to 2 March in Düsseldorf

Delivery bottlenecks, inflation and the threat of global recession are impacting retail in two ways: first, traded goods are becoming increasingly expensive, while the purchasing power of end customers is diminishing noticeably. Along with that, shopfitting itself is also facing challenges. Shelving in particular is dependent on the international metal market and therefore complex supply chains. What’s more, retailers must often choose between high load capacity and adjustable and visually appealing components when they select the shelves to present their goods. The modular shelving system from Tegometall provides relief. The experienced shopfitting specialist bridges the gap between functionality and flexibility with TegoClassic. Its 50 mm pitch has a load capacity of 460 kg and can also be remounted to a 25 mm pitch using reversible brackets. TegoClassic can be precisely configured to the parameters of the goods of the various retail industries. The European production locations guarantee short transport routes and delivery times for both small- and large-scale production. Visitors to EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the various shelving solutions from Tegometall first-hand.

“For construction material and metalware stores, it is essential to be able to present various goods, including large and heavy ones, in an appealing way,” observes Dr Arndt Lüdtke, managing director of Tegometall. Toy shops, chemists, food retailers and kiosks place great value on efficiently stocking their often limited space with as many smaller products as possible.” Shelving that is optimally adapted to the relevant industry and sales environment is essential to ensuring attractive goods presentation. However, retailers often only have the choice between models that are flexible but only have a low load capacity or those that can hardly be fitted into the layout of the shop floor and waste lots of unused space. In addition, obtaining new shelves entails long delivery times and delays due to the current energy crisis and the instable situation on the global metal market.

“To avoid these kinds of problems from arising in the first place, we rely on secure and sustainable production in our European factories for the modular shelving systems,” explains Dr Lüdtke. “Our ultra-modern factories use fewer resources and save material by producing fewer offcuts.” The in-house water treatment facilities at the production sites contribute to the protection of groundwater, among other duties, whilst Tegometall’s own photovoltaic systems cover 40 per cent of its average power consumption with 1.7 MWh per year. In addition, environmentally friendly means of transport such as rail and electric vehicles ensure that the company saves around 4,500 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Robust and adjustable shelving solution

“TegoClassic is our highly functional standard shopfitting solution,” says Dr Lüdtke. With a total of more than 10,000 possible components, it can be optimally configured to suit the requirements of individual applications. Open foodstuffs such as baked goods or fruit and vegetables can be presented just as attractively as magazines, toiletries and household items, drinks, tools and building materials. The spacing of the tried-and-tested 50 mm pitch, which can bear up to 460 kg, can be changed to 25 mm using the reversible brackets for this purpose. Users who require their shelves to be placed closer together must therefore no longer resort to less resilient 25 mm pitch systems. “This solution is especially popular in food retail,” reports Dr Lüdtke. “Thanks to our reversible brackets, retailers can kill two birds with one stone and thereby profit from both the higher load capacity of the 50 mm pitch and the more precise mounting options of the shelves.”

TegoClassic is constructed simply and precisely, and can be assembled by the user themselves in almost no time at all. Tegometall ensures this in its highly automated production sites, where the tolerances of the individual components are kept to a minimum. As this means there is very little offset, the shelves can be configured to fit the shop floor, right down to the last centimetre, so that the available space can be used optimally. “If needed, we can also assist users with shopfitting,” adds Markus Makowski, head of Shopfitting Sales at Tegometall. “Our services include everything from layouting to the final assembly.” To do this, the shopfitting specialists first inspect the sales areas and then create a concept for optimum goods presentation together with the user.

Attractive goods presentation with individual decor

To ensure an attractive presentation of goods, the system can be configured as desired and even coloured using the scratch-resistant DecoCoat coating process. “We can apply a realistic-looking wood, stone or metal effect, but also logos, graphics and colour photos on the rear panels and shelves,” explains Makowski. The high-quality, photorealistic design conveys the brand of the retailer right down to the shop shelves themselves and additionally highlights the quality of the goods presented. The coating is food safe and free from binding agents and solvents, making it safe to use in the food industry.

Tegometall is presenting TegoClassic and other shelving solutions for shopfitting and storage at EuroShop in Düsseldorf from 26 February to 2 March 2023. The Tegometall team is available for initial talks and to answer your questions in detail at Stand D38 in Hall 10.

What?                         EuroShop 2023 – The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair

When?                         26 February to 2 March 2023

Where?                                   Messe Düsseldorf, Hall 10, Stand D38

Contact:          Dr Arndt Lüdtke, managing director

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