A look back at the Retail Show from 23 to 24 November 2022 in Warsaw

From pastries to fine wine: the perfect shelving for any products

The Retail Show, Poland’s biggest annual B2B event for retail, took place from 23 to 24 November 2022. Over two days, Tegometall joined more than 200 exhibitors to introduce retail equipment, technology and services to an audience of experts.

The Tegometall Group is a globally successful family-run company specialising in shopfitting and storage technology. In addition to producing high-quality shelving systems, the group also offers comprehensive services, from development to the final installation of the shelves on-site. The production facilities are located solely in Europe and apply cutting-edge technology and sustainable measures, such as in-house water treatment. In 2022, the company was awarded the Deutscher B2B-Award for its great price–performance ratio and high level of customer satisfaction.

Tegometall used its 72-square-metre display area at the Retail Show to present its various shelving systems, including classic self-service shelves, a new shelving system for fruit and vegetables, and shelving solutions for hardware stores and garden centres. The modular shelving systems can be custom fitted to each individual retail and storage area. To meet the needs of different sectors, the metal shopfitting shelves can be complimented with materials such as wood, glass, Plexiglas and HPL. TegoClassic, Tego Bakery, Tego Fruit & Veg and Tego Wine were just some of the models introduced during the Retail Show.

TegoClassic: the flexible, classic shopfitting shelves

TegoClassic offers the perfect combination of functionality and flexibility. The 50 mm pitch shelf can hold up to 460 kg, and the reversible brackets allow it to be adjusted down to 25 mm pitch. The DecoCoat coating technology is scratchproof, safe for food and free of chemicals, making the shelves ideally suited for foodstuffs. Customers can also design the coating according to their needs, for example by adding graphics, pictures or realistic wood, stone and metal appearance.

Tego Bakery: experience the aroma of freshly baked bread with all your senses

Tego Bakery shelves are made of high-quality wood with built-in Plexiglas panes that make it easier for users to identify and remove baked goods. The design calls to mind local bakeries and is intended to awaken our desire for fresh, self-baked bread. Integrated tongs, single-use gloves, paper bags and rubbish bins allow for hygienic use and easy access to the foodstuffs behind the protective Plexiglas panels. Crumbs from the baked goods fall automatically into an easy-to-clean tray located under the shelf.

Tego Fruit & Veg: the best way to display fresh fruit and vegetables

Tegometall developed the Tego Fruit & Veg shelves to display fruit and vegetables in the best possible light. Bag dispensers are secured to the upper level while LED strips illuminate the lower levels of the shelving. What’s more, this unit’s rubbish bin sees to it that any potential waste can be quickly disposed of. Extra storage spaces have been built into the underside of the shelves and, should you need to present even more goods, hidden shelving space such as drawers can also be pulled out.

Tego Wine: give fine wines the stage they deserve

With Tego Wine shelves, you can present wine either horizontally or vertically so it is always visible to customers. Larger as well as more compact Tego Wine shelves are available depending on your needs: smaller solutions are well-suited to exclusive wines, for example, as they present the bottle more prominently. Sophisticated wooden boxes and the various options for presentation of the wine come together to offer the customer a shopping experience like no other.

Flexible modular solutions for any application

Tegometall clients enjoy a wide selection of products, professional maintenance services and support in the creation of projects in addition to a variety of specifications. Assembly, transport, acceptance tests, inventory documentation, warranty and post-warranty services for the shelves purchased fulfil the offer.

“Retail Show 2022 was extraordinarily successful,” says Jędrzej Blimel, project manager at Tegometall’s site in Poland. “We thank all our clients for stopping by, for the time we enjoyed together, for the valuable insights and the constructive conversations.”

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